The United States is launching an aggressive offensive against cybercriminals

The United States is launching an aggressive offensive against cybercriminals

After numerous attacks on hospitals and vital infrastructure, US President Joe Biden has launched an offensive against cybercriminals. In addition, rewards of up to $ 10 million are available for tips that lead to offenders. The hard approach seems to have an effect, it writes FD.

According to Pita, closing businesses with ransomware is like terrorism. That is why he chooses the same approach. After the attack, intelligence and intelligence services are used to find the culprits. For example, this happened with the hacker group REvil. Prominent figures were arrested in Kuwait, Poland and Romania. REvil hacked the US service provider Kaseya, after which more than a million computers of 9,000 companies were rendered useless by ransomware. The perpetrators demanded a ransom of $ 70 million.

The FBI is now behind the DarkSite hacker group that shut down the fuel pipeline network of the colonial pipeline. The group’s servers have been removed and a $ 10 million reward has been awarded to Golden Tips for leading criminals. According to Deloitte’s Frank Groenewegen, this has an effect. Hackers will no longer feel untouchable. Lockbit 2.0, a group of hackers, has set up an “ethics team” to ensure that affiliated groups do not attack hospitals or critical infrastructure. In this way they believe they should stay away from the view of investigative services. Criminals also dare not make foreign vacation trips for fear of trusting each other less or being arrested.
Now the question is whether the perpetrators will stop targeting European organizations. According to Alexandre Cadell, director of the forensic department at cybersecurity firm PitDefender, European countries are also busy detecting cybercriminals, although ‘paper work’ is a factor that reduces cooperation.

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