The United States has called for a re-ban on dictatorship

The United States has called for a re-ban on dictatorship

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio wants President Joe Biden to ban the Video of Dicto in the United States after he took over China’s, a major subsidiary of Dictok’s parent company, Byte Dance.

This is a Curiosity The Chinese government has taken over the 1 percent stake in Beijing Fight Dance Technology, which holds the licenses of the Chinese version of Dictok, Duine, and news anchor Tutio.

“Beijing’s aggression makes it clear that the party sees Dictok as an extension of the state, and the United States must respond,” Rubio said in a statement. “Before a foreign application is allowed to work on US telecommunications networks and devices, we must establish a framework of standards that must be met.”

About a year ago, then-President Trump announced that he was banning TicTac amid suspicions of sending user data to Chinese spy agencies.

It is no coincidence that this happened after a low turnout at Trump’s first campaign rally after the Corona crisis. That low turnout is said to have been partly caused by activist DickTalk users.

By order, his administration demanded that North American activities be abandoned. Microsoft, Walmart and Oracle sat at the negotiating table, while China tightened its export regulations. However, attempts to ban both WeChat and TikTok have always failed in court.

However, Dictak has not yet disappeared from the dangerous list. The U.S. Department of Commerce is investigating the security vulnerabilities of Chinese processors at the request of President Biden.

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