The United States deploys a strategic bomber in exercises with South Korea

The United States deploys a strategic bomber in exercises with South Korea

B-1B bomber for the US Air Force.AFP photo

Four short-range ballistic missiles flew over the Yellow Sea between Korea and China on Saturday morning. The missiles reached a height of 20 km and ended up in the sea after a journey of 130 km. North Korea has been firing missiles all week, including an ICBM. That launch set off alarm sirens in Japan. North Korea also flew its fighter jets turbulently near the border with South Korea.

In response to these “provocations”, the US Air Force decided to extend the exercise by one day – until Saturday – and fly a supersonic B-1B. The United States, with eight fighter jets and at least one B-1B supersonic aircraft, participated in the six-day “Vigilant Storm” air exercise, which involved 240 military aircraft.

The vigil storm began on Monday. On Friday, North Korea demanded an end to the “provocative” air exercises, but the United States and South Korea did not care. The flight on the last day of practice, Saturday, was the B-1B’s first since 2017.

severe penalties

The United States convened the UN Security Council on Friday to demand tougher sanctions against North Korea, which fired an “unprecedented number of missiles” – more than 60 in 2022 alone. The United States complained of the impotence of the Security Council. Thirteen council members voted in favor of tougher sanctions against North Korea, but two countries — without naming, clearly referring to Russia and China — have vetoed and protected North Korea.

“These two countries have gone to great lengths to justify the violations committed by North Korea… and have made a farce for this council,” said US Representative Linda Thomas Greenfield.

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