The United Nations Security Council also condemns the Taliban movement, which is forbidden to women

The United Nations Security Council also condemns the Taliban movement, which is forbidden to women

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The United Nations Security Council has called on the Taliban to rescind the latest restrictions on Afghan women. The United Nations body said in a statement that the measures represent a growing loss of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The status of women in Afghanistan came under further pressure this month. A week ago, the Taliban announced that female students would no longer be welcomed into universities, after banning them from secondary schools earlier this year.

On Saturday, hardline Islamist rulers banned Afghan women from working for foreign aid organisations. The United Nations Security Council fears that this measure will have a significant impact on humanitarian work in Afghanistan, including the work of the United Nations.

‘less strict’

The organization also asserts that the restrictions are in stark contrast to promises made by the Taliban shortly after they seized power, when the group emphatically described itself as more moderate. The new leaders then announced a less tough policy than between 1996 and 2001, when he first took power in Afghanistan. Women did not have freedom of movement during that period.

The Taliban came to power last summer after 20 years of US military presence in Afghanistan. Then we made this explanatory video about the Islamic Group:

Taliban rule Afghanistan again, who are they and what do they want?

A Taliban spokesman confirmed in August last year that the women had nothing to worry about. He said they would be treated as equals, at least within the framework of Islamic law, the strict Islamic law used by the Taliban.

Despite this, women have been stripped of all kinds of rights in the past year. This is how they have had to do it since May Cover the face again When they are out on the streets and therefore not allowed to receive an education.


In addition to the UN Security Council, the top UN official in Kabul criticized the latest restrictions this week. Three foreign aid organizations active in Afghanistan have suspended their work there even so.

In a tweet, the Dutch Foreign Ministry condemned the Taliban’s action that excludes Afghan women from aid organisations. The department described women as an important part of humanitarian work.

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