The United Kingdom has denied that Russia’s fire in the Black Sea was a warning to its destroyer: “They carried out an artillery exercise.”

British destroyer HMS Defender and Dutch warship HNLMS Everson (REUTERS / Yoruk Isik) on June 14 in the Phosphorus Strait

The The UK Defense Ministry on Wednesday denied Moscow’s allegations against the Russian navy Warning shots against the British destroyer “HMS Defender” South of the peninsula Crimea, And said it was a military exercise.

According to Russian sources, The destroyer entered Russian territorial waters near Cape Philand, South of the Crimean Peninsula, illegally annexed by Russia in 2014, and He was warned by the footage.

Royal Navy ship “According to international law, Ukraine makes an innocent passage through regional water”, A report by Defense in London underscores “No warning shots were fired” to the UK destroyer.

“We believe the Russians carried out some artillery exercises in the Black Sea and warned the maritime community in advance of their operation.”, The reference points out.

“There was no shooting at the HMS Defender and we do not accept the claim that the bombs were dropped in its path,” he said. Added.

Meanwhile, the British Secretary of Defense, Ben Wallace, He told the media today that he was doing “HMS Defender” “Regular Transportation” from Odessa to Georgia Across the Black Sea.

“As usual on this route, (the destroyer) entered the internationally recognized traffic corridor and exited the corridor safely at 09:45 (08:45 GMT).He added.

According to reports from Moscow after the incident, The Russian Ministry of Defense has called for a military annex to the British Embassy in Russia.

Russian Black Sea Navy exercises are common because of a base in the Crimea (via Russian Defense Ministry Press Service AP)
Russian Black Sea Navy exercises are common because of a base in the Crimea (via Russian Defense Ministry Press Service AP)

On June 14, Russia says Russian navy has begun monitoring the British destroyer and Dutch naval warship Everton. After both ships entered the Black Sea.

Involved in this incident For the first time since the Cold War, Moscow has used live ammunition to block a NATO warship. Reflects growing tensions between Russia and the West.

Russia annexes the Ukrainian Crimean peninsula in 2014, A decision rejected by most countries in the world. Russia frequently complains about the presence of NATO warships in the Black Sea Close to the Crimea and argues that it is unstable.

Turkey, Greece, Romania Y Bulgaria, All members of the Alliance have beaches in that sea. Warships USA, Great Britain And other members of the Atlantic Alliance often travel there in support of Ukraine.

(With information from EFE)

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