“The Ukrainian counterattack has begun” • Six dead and wounded as a result of the bombing of the evacuation point in Kherson

"The Ukrainian counterattack has begun" • Six dead and wounded as a result of the bombing of the evacuation point in Kherson

The long-awaited counter-attack by the Ukrainian army broke out in earnest last night. This is what four army sources say against it Washington Post. It began with a heavy bombardment of the Russian positions along the front line. A soldier in Zaporizhia Oblast talks about the “fierce fighting going on”.

Russian military bloggers also reported heavy Ukrainian shelling and subsequent ground attacks last night. At the moment, the main Ukrainian offensive appears to be in Zaporizhia Province, from Oreshev towards Tokmak. There, the Ukrainians deployed Leopard 2 tanks, which indicates that they attach importance to this offensive.

Tokmak and Melitopol to the south had long been seen as highly potential targets for a Ukrainian counterattack. If Kiev manages to occupy those places and reach the Black Sea coast, then the territories occupied by Russia will be divided into two parts. This would make the supply of Russian units at the front more difficult.

“The situation is very difficult on the battlefield,” said the Ukrainian soldier. Washington Post. Our artillery and air forces have been deployed, as have the Russian forces. It is difficult for us and for them. Our forces are advancing, but not as fast as we would like.

Agence France-Presse – Ukrainian soldiers aboard a tank near the front in Donetsk region.

wrote Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malgar cable that the Russians had been put on the defensive at Oreshev. It also reported on fighting in eastern Donetsk Province, near Velika Novoselka. Russian authorities say that all Ukrainian attacks in Zaporizhia have been repulsed, with Ukrainians suffering heavy losses. However, previous successful Ukrainian attacks brought similar reports from Moscow, which were later proven false.

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