The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down President Biden’s climate policy

The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down President Biden's climate policy

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The Supreme Court voted six to three votes against the current law, allowing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to control the maximum emissions from power plants across the country. The law is primarily intended to reduce CO2Emissions from coal-fired power plants that supply about 20 percent of the United States’ electricity in an effort to combat climate change.

Chief justices say the EPA should not impose restrictions on power plants without congressional approval. Such “economic and political significance” decisions, according to the Supreme Court, should not be with an executive body.

The ruling is a major blow to Biden’s government’s ambitious climate plans. For example, the president is currently drafting new laws that will make the energy sector completely emission-free by 2035. Achieving that goal seems almost impossible because the ecosystem’s options are drastically reduced.

The most polluting states

The lawsuit was probably funded by 19 states and some of the largest fossil fuel companies in the United States. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. States fear they will be forced to shut down coal-fired power plants.

States that do not comply with the regulations are one of the most polluting states in the United States. Together they account for 44 percent of the country’s total emissions, and nothing has been done to reduce it in recent years.

Achieving international climate goals will be more difficult for the United States as states now have less incentive to pursue Python’s climate goals. President Biden signed on his first day at the White House an order to return in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement. Trump, who was before him, withdrew from the deal.

Other countries will eagerly follow the implications of the judges’ decision. The United States’ efforts to account for 14 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions have prompted many industrialized nations to reduce emissions.

The pronunciation of ‘disaster’

A White House spokesman called the judges’ ruling a “catastrophe.” “President Biden will not be ashamed to use his powers to protect public health and deal with the climate crisis.” UN Climate Ambassador Michael Bloomberg has condemned the Chief Justice’s decision. He said the decision would “cause great loss of life and unavoidable suffering in the United States.”

The ruling follows the model of a conservative majority standing in the Supreme Court in the way of Democratic President Biden. Last week, the chief justices revoked the federal right to abortion, which is illegal in half the states in the United States.

Biden said earlier Thursday that he wanted to try to secure the right to abortion across the United States. He wants an exception to the rules in the U.S. Senate to pass legislation that restores federal law. The question is whether it will work, because Democrats have only a very small majority and there is division within the party over whether the rules are an exception.

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