The tonal plug-in hybrid Q4 and electric 500 are available in the US

The tonal plug-in hybrid Q4 and electric 500 are available in the US

The return of the electric FIAT 500.

An electric FIAT 500 will be introduced in the United States again early next year. The Los Angeles Motor Show is the perfect stage for this week. This morning’s presentation of the product model included some fashionable versions of jackets from Giorgio Armani, Kartel and Bivlgari. Three old introductions to European peoples. After the 500 from 2013 (it was made in Mexico), it’s now the turn of the Turin-made Nuova 500 EV. The latter is great news for car-making Italy. It also marks the return of the FIAT 500 as a model. After Marchionne tried to convince the American public of the Italian small car’s appeal with lots of input, the 500 quietly exited a few years later. Only the 500X was good enough for the US market. But FIAT is going to try again. With the more premium and innovative new 500 EV, expect a small hit overseas again (it’s almost Sinterklaas…).

Donal goes to America.

Meanwhile, Pomigliano d’Argo prepares for Donnels’ first deliveries in America. The Dodge Hornet is already taking delivery and now the plug-in Tonals will also ship. The Alfa Romeo Tonale plug-in hybrid Q4, officially unveiled yesterday, is the only version of the Tonale available in the US. This fact is also good news for those with a warm heart for Italian car exports. Production at the factory near Naples has already increased significantly in recent months (despite shortages of specific components). The total is expected to cross 35,000 by the end of this year.

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