June 2, 2023

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The Tiny House Husband extends from 400 to 35 square metres: 'I'll pee in my pants if they pick these' |  to watch

The Tiny House Husband extends from 400 to 35 square metres: ‘I’ll pee in my pants if they pick these’ | to watch

In the new DIY program Little House Battle Peter and Jacqueline left their 400-square-meter home and moved into a 35-square-meter house. Sturdy, full of tools, and so small that their adult son had to leave the house – totally no accident.

In the RTL program, shown on television for the first time, buyers invest 25 thousand euros for the construction of a small house. Then two teams of DIY enthusiasts are given a week to build a super efficient tiny house of 18 to 50 square metres.

The white team, with front Ms. Laiki, built a house out of used materials. Everything – even the slatted bed frame – was handcrafted. Team Blue, led by Milco, opted for comfort with underfloor heating and supermarket doors that open and close automatically. The last team did not finish home on time. For example, the shower was not ready and there were wires hanging from the socket here and there. However, in the modern house there was a huge painting on the wall with flashing LED lights. Lt. Col. John Williams, who is used to something Help my husband is wittyI don’t think the light artwork is particularly well chosen. I’ll pee if they choose that. Only on TV, I don’t care,” he spoke semi-seriously into the camera.

garage size

Williams kept it dry, because the buyers in question – spouses Peter and Jacqueline – chose the first house, which was covered on the outside with shingles. Until recently, the couple lived in a house of four hundred square meters, but they wanted to live more sustainably and smaller. Another feature, the two said, “It’s also time for our son to leave his house.” This is a boost.” The new home is only 35 square metres, the size of their former garage.

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The couple now lives in Riel in Brabant. Their tiny house is on a camping site, but my son is still close by. He also has a small house next to theirs.

The camera follows the Armageddon team as they work in their tiny home. © Nancy Beinenburg