The team behind the open-source game engine Godot establishes the Godot Foundation – Games – News

Where GameMaker was used in the past in computer science lessons in schools, Godot is now tasked with the task. For example, teaching programs are developed within the engine itself, which is not easily achievable in other engines.
It’s a very small and light engine (23MB), so you can get started right away. Perfect for quick experiments.

In addition, unlike Unreal and Unity, Godot has a physical 2D engine instead of using a 3D engine for this.
Unreal has been known to crash infamously on a regular basis, and I haven’t seen Godot crash locally myself.

And as a company, you can also get support from Godot, but this is done through private companies (which also help with engine development). The two most famous companies that can also transfer your game to consoles are: And the
W4games belongs to some of the original moderators of Godot and the contributors/founders of Prehensile Tales are also on this new foundation. They are separate entities but closely related to the engine itself.

Unreal is more complex than Godot and many games simply don’t need that complex. I also don’t think many people are hesitating between Godot or Unreal. There is more reasonable doubt between Godot, Unity, and GameMaker. GameMaker is fully 2D, Unity 3D (2D flat 3D engine) and both.

Personally, I like Godot’s architecture much better than Unity or GameMaker, plus you have an engine that has no hidden costs and is completely open source.

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