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The first-person shooter Ready or Not has disappeared from Steam. The developer initially stated that they didn’t know why this was happening and then stated that this was a copyright issue with the new night club map. It depicts the aftermath of a mass shooting.

after the first Designation He doesn’t know why this happened. mentioned Developer Void Interactive says it “takes intellectual property concerns very seriously” and thus “removes the relevant material and all references to it from the game and from all social media and other publications.” The game should appear again on Steam. Manal removal request Provided, the studio does not inform. At one point, the creator also said it was a “Steam backend issue”, but this post again removed it.

gaming flyers NME register The game went offline shortly after the addition of the Night Club map. In that nightclub, a mass shooting takes place and players take on the role of a SWAT team entering inside. LED has Before A game with such content captured offline. That was an active shooter.

The Night Club map was added to the game on July 12. On that date, it had been exactly six years since the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. 49 people were killed. Additionally, the nightclub map has been compared to the mass shooting at the Bataclan theater in Paris in 2015. 90 people were killed.

publisher Team 17 hasn’t worked together since last year With Void Interactive. This news came with remarkable timing: just hours after Void a . was revealed School shootinglevel in the making. However, neither Team17 nor Void actually confirmed that this was the cause of the split.

If the Night Club map and school shooting mission plans are too offensive for Valve, surprisingly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has it forbidden to russiansThe mission is still on Steam, commenters posted on Twitter and Steam. In this mission, the player himself commits a mass shooting in a busy airport.

In Ready or Not, players take on the role of SWAT teams and similar groups. Their missions are typical of this group: confronting the holed-up suspects, raid Commit, cease fire, dismantle a bomb and free the hostages. Players get more points for arrests than for arrests killing. Tweakers also contains a file reconsidering From a written game. Still in early access. The game is heavily inspired by SWAT games, the last of which appeared in 2005.

Update, 11:05 am: The game is back to find In the Steam store. User Reports In the appropriate Steam sub-forum: “They all appear from the entrance to the lanes to the main club [sic] Lead has been modified. The bullet holes were gone, as well as the bloodstains. “It is also said that there are more civilians surviving.

Video from the nightclub showing the changes mentioned in the update to this article (Warning: The video contains images of the aftermath of a mass shooting and may be shocking)

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