The surprise of launching van de Halo Infinite multiplayer mode

The surprise of launching van de Halo Infinite multiplayer mode

Welcome to a brand new version of GK Journaal. It is your favorite element as we will be covering all the news from the last few days. It’s the week that the first Xbox came out in 20 years. Which is why there was something to celebrate. It’s also been 20 years since the first Halo came out. We’ll talk about that shortly. In addition, the week started off well with a lot of news. We’ve got news from Bethesda, Xbox, Halo Infinite, Netflix, Playstation, and more. You can see it all in a new issue of GK Journaal on Tuesday, November 16th.

The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be coming to Playstation

Yesterday there was a special event on the Xbox channel. The first Xbox was released 20 years ago, so they’ve scheduled a broadcast. There was plenty to see in the stream. Like new backward compatible games for Xbox. What are these games? You will hear it right away. Additionally, it was announced earlier this week that the new Elder Scrolls, Part 6 will be coming exclusively to Xbox and PC. That might have been expected, but it’s official now. There’s also some news from Microsoft’s corner. Because they released a game unexpectedly and not just one game.

The multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite has been released and is free to play

Earlier there were rumors that we could go soon with Multiplayer mode Hello No final. Well, can we believe the gossip? Yesterday during Xbox Stream we finally got confirmation. Multiplayer was sure to be instantly playable. And it’s free to play, you don’t need a Game Pass. You can expect to showcase Let’s Play with us later this week. This is of course not the only news we have collected for you. You’ll see it all in the Tuesday edition of GK Journaal.

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