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Microsoft studio The Initiative is teaming up with Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the latest Tomb Raider trilogy, to work on a Perfect Dark reboot. According to the studio, the game is still “in an early stage of development.”

This partnership means that the Perfect Dark reboot is no longer complete the first side-A project from Microsoft, because Crystal Dynamics is part of the publisher Square Enix. In the game announcement Last year, it was reported that Microsoft studio The Initiative is working on a reboot of the Perfect Dark series.

“Teams could not miss the opportunity to work together,” zo tweet initiative. Although the game was revealed in a CG trailer at the Game Awards last year, the studio reported that the teams are currently still in the early stages of development.

Crystal Dynamics is working on the latest Tomb Raider trilogy, with the latest release, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, released in 2018. Since then, the studio has been working on Marvel’s Avengers. The studio is currently still working on new content before the match.

The initiative was only recently established, and no games under its name have been released yet. The studio is made up of former employees of Activision and Square Enix, among others. Former Crystal Dynamics president Daryl Gallagher founded The Initiative, and Tomb Raider’s game director has also moved to Microsoft studio.

Two Perfect Dark games have been released so far, the last of which dates back to 2005. Both titles were developed by Rare, but although Rare is now a Microsoft studio, this studio will not be involved in the reboot.

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