The spread of forest fires and the death of a Portuguese fire extinguisher

The spread of forest fires and the death of a Portuguese fire extinguisher

It happened in the north of Portugal, in the municipality of Torre de Moncorvo. His plane crashed while extinguishing the fires.

The Prime Minister offered his condolences to the pilot’s family. shocked news:

The pilot is the first death this year from the Portugal fires. 160 people have been infected in the country. It was also said that a pilot was killed in Greece.

Several large fires broke out in Portugal. Thousands of firefighters fight it. More than 30 thousand hectares have already burned in Portugal.

The problem will last for a while: it’s too hot. A record temperature of 47 degrees was recorded in the north of the country.

France, Spain and Portugal

There are also fires in other countries in southern Europe. on me This ticket Fires can be seen in the last 24 hours:

Forest fires in southwestern France are getting bigger and bigger. In the Gironde province, 10,000 hectares of forest were on fire, compared to about 7,300 hectares the day before.

Thousands of firefighters are working to fight the fire. Ten firefighting aircraft have been deployed. Two major fires broke out in the Bordeaux region. More than 12,200 people, many of them tourists, were evacuated in the past week, according to local authorities.

Dutch Natalie lives and works nearby. Her home is safe, but she’s been in the area where the fires have been for the past few days. “That was really impressive and really bad,” she says. “I hope they get it under control soon.”

Concerns about the Netherlands

There is also a real chance that large forest fires will break out in the Netherlands, researcher Hans Hasbroek told RTL Nieuws yesterday. Especially with the expected heat next week.

“In the Netherlands we are slowly growing towards the prevailing climate in southern France. Our summers are getting longer and drier.”

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