The space station confirmed U.S. support until the end of this decade

The United States will continue to support the operation of the International Space Station (ISS) until the end of this decade. Said Bill Nelson, director of NASA’s U.S. Space Research Center. Nelson also clarified that the US government wants to pursue scientific research at the space station in partnership with international partners, including Russia.

The approval of Congress is still needed to continue operating the space station at the end of this decade. International partners must also agree to the extension of the project. Currently, the operation of the station is guaranteed for another two years.

International cooperation

The Russian news agency Interfax had already announced in August that Russia and the United States would continue their cooperation in space after that date. Interfox quotes a senior executive of the Russian space agency Roscosmos.

“Therefore More and more countries are operating in space It is more important than ever for the United States to play a leading role in international alliances around space, “said Nelson.

However, US officials warned in November that Russia’s missile test to destroy satellites in low Earth orbit had created a huge dump. It is noteworthy that this debris includes the space station Causing risk And may threaten other space functions for many years.

Private sector

This year, the International Space Station can expect a new scoop. The first mission is scheduled for the crew at the end of next month Will consist exclusively of private astronauts. The Axiom 1 (Ax-1) mission will be led by veteran Michael Lopez-Alexria.

Lopez-Alexria ended his life at NASA ten years ago. He was in space for more than 257 days in total. He also performed ten spacewalks for a total of 67 hours and 40 minutes. Except for three planes with the space shuttle, he once flew to the space station with a Soyuz DMA-9.

The mission of the Ax-1 was to launch the Falcon 9 rocket from the Spacex from the Kennedy Space Center. The group consists of four private astronauts. The task is headed Space company Axiom Space, Which also provided training for most astronauts.

Commander Michael Lopez-Allegri is accompanied by US pilot Larry Connor and crew members Mark Fathy of Canada and Aidan Stebe of Israel.


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