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The source code for Rayman 4 has been leaked. The game, which never came out, will be a new game main line Rayman’s nickname, but the party game Rayman Raving Rabbids came out instead. The source code comes with a level editor, cinematics and more.

According to research by Gamerant The source code was posted on 4chan before it was distributed online. It will be an alpha build with source code, models, level editor, stories and “other aspects”. Concerned users, like Twitter user RibShark, comb the leak for the most interesting bits.

According to RibShark research She for example Riding mechanics Present, so it’s a game mechanic where Rayman rides on the back of another creature. In the attached screenshot, this is a giant spider. Also there is a named level sphincter cell, in Dutch kringspiercel, a pun on Splinter Cell, another franchise from the same publisher. There is also a level where Rayman has to destroy a giant robot from the inside and he will have a girlfriend in this game, a 3D model of her is now rendered as well.

Rayman 4 was Under development circa 2005. Rayman Raving Rabbids is out instead. The Rabbids will also be in Rayman 4, but he’s given a bigger role in Raving Rabbids, which gets bigger in later games. Raving Rabbids is also a party game, similar to Mario Party, whereas Rayman 4 was more of a “classic” Rayman game. Since Raving Rabbids, two titles solely related to Rayman have appeared: Rayman Legends and Origins, both of which are 2D platformers. Three of the most popular Rabbids-oriented games have been released.

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