The Senate wants to have a greater role in anti-Corona measures

The Senate wants to have a greater role in anti-Corona measures


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The Senate criticized the government’s draft of a new Corona law. The bill has not yet been submitted to the House of Representatives and is now before the State Council for advice, but the majority of senators have already sent a critical letter to Public Health Minister Kuipers. Party for the Animals Senator Nikolai confirms a message from devotion He drafted the letter and is one of the signatories.

During the Corona pandemic, the Cabinet has always worked with temporary laws, which formed the basis for all kinds of measures. Those laws are now gone. The Senate voted in May Against the fifth extension. So Kuipers will soon come up with a law for a more specific basis for Corona restrictions, such as observing a mask or maintaining a distance.

The majority of senators are now writing to Kuipers that the Senate should be able to participate in the discussion about the application of such measures. This is not the case in the draft now before the State Council.

purposeful control

The signatories to the letter write that they question whether “actual control of the Senate has been adequately arranged”.

The letter to the minister was signed by all opposition groups in the Senate, with the exception of the Stability and Growth Party. Together, these groups have a majority of 41 of the 75 seats. The new Kuipers Act can only be passed if there is support for it in both houses.

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