The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can’t zoom that far

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can't zoom that far

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung’s expected flagship, may take a step back in terms of camera. The smartphone can zoom to a shorter distance than its predecessors.

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“The telephoto lens of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra zooms in less”

Samsung’s Galaxy S Ultra smartphones are known for their great cameras. This is not only due to the main camera, but the periscope zoom lens also plays a role. With this camera, the current S21 Ultra, S22 Ultra and S23 Ultra can optically zoom up to 10x. In other words: zoom in on the image without losing too much quality.

However, it appears that this zoom camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be replaced with a telephoto lens that offers “only” 5x optical zoom. The 10MP periscope zoom lens will disappear and Samsung will opt for a 50MP telephoto lens. It is unclear why the company is doing this discount Implement.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra will also feature a 10-megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, just like previous Ultra smartphones. It is possible that Samsung will provide this lens with improvements, but nothing is known about this matter. the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which was recently announced, also has a telephoto lens with 5x zoom. Therefore, it seems that Samsung is losing its leadership.

More about Samsung S24 Ultra

Samsung will likely announce the Galaxy S24 series in January or February next year. In addition to the Ultra, we’re also expecting the regular Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus. All three will likely run on a faster processor.

The Ultra may also get a better screen. According to rumours, the smartphone has the brightest smartphone display yet. This makes the screen easier to read in the sun and makes HDR images look better. Curved screen edges will likely disappear: Samsung will give the Ultra a “flat” screen.

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