The sacrifice of Fernando’s love for Andre Van Doyen

The sacrifice of Fernando's love for Andre Van Doyen

Andre Van Doyen (75) had a very difficult time. He lost his husband Martin to the effects of cancer, and then contracted the disease himself. But now the sun is shining again for Andre, and he shines alongside the younger, fourteen-year-old Fernando Reyes, with whom he has been good friends for years. The dancer moved from Spain to Holland especially for Andre and the two already live together.

give up a career

Now Fernando is wandering around the house where Andre has been happy with Martin for many years. Doesn’t that seem strange sometimes? No, it’s been two and a half years since Martin passed away. And he wanted to be my partner again. He knew me like no other and knew I wasn’t alone. How is that for Fernando? I lived in Spain for 38 years. I was, of course, aware of Andrei’s life, but that was far away. “Then you experience it differently, says Fernando, who also gave up his career as a professional dancer for love. “It’s partly true, but now I’m 61 too. It also has to be finished at some point, because you can’t keep dancing on a physical level forever.”

Photo: Peter Smulders

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