The Russians seem to adjust their goals: “This way they can claim victory on their own land.”

The Russians seem to adjust their goals: "This way they can claim victory on their own land."

Russia stated that the “liberation of the Donbass region” is now the main goal. At the beginning of the war, it was mainly about the “disarmament” of Ukraine and Crimea had to be recognized as Russian territory. It also hinted at the overthrow of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s regime and the installation of a pro-Russian regime.

“Dedicated to locals”

“They can at least claim victory at home if they achieve these goals,” Boulder says. “So this is mainly for its residents.”

And after. With these words, the Russian focus may shift somewhat to the east of the country, where the Donbass region is located. The west of the country is still being repeatedly bombed these days.

Boulder says the new goal may be to throw sand in the eyes of the Ukrainians. This could lead to more Ukrainian defense forces moving east. This, in turn, could make room for Russians in other parts of the country. “Then the encirclement of Kyiv, for example, could continue. The Russians could have more freedom to pursue their other goals.”

Meanwhile, talks are underway between the two countries, but fighting is also going on. Boulder believes this will continue. “I don’t see an immediate outcome in those discussions. The starting points are still far apart. The Russians want the land and the Ukrainians don’t want to give it up. How are you going to meet next?”

Progress to Odessa

In the meantime, Zelensky could essentially waste time. We hope that more weapons will come from the West to be able to offer more resistance.

Boulder sees the latter doing just fine. “Kyiv is not besieged yet, which is not quite the case in Kharkov. Sometimes the Russians are really pushed back. Zelensky will certainly want to prevent a Russian advance into Odessa.”

In the long run, Zelensky certainly will not want to divide the country. “Because whoever wants to give up part of his land in this way.”

You can also see in the video below that the resistance of the Ukrainian army is strong. It was possible to restore one of the suburbs of Kyiv from the Russians:

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