The Russian general who crushed Mariupol now gets a role in Putin’s government

The Russian general who crushed Mariupol now gets a role in Putin's government

Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Mikhail Mesenzev as deputy defense minister. Misensev was instrumental in the siege of the southern port city of Mariupol, which fell to Russia in May. A mock referendum is being held in the region on Russia’s final affiliation.

In the Russian military operation against Mariupol, thousands of civilians were killed and a large part of the city was destroyed. Misensev was given the nickname “the killer of Mariupol”.

He replaced the divorced Dmitry Bulgakov. He was active as Deputy Defense Minister for many years. No official reason has been given for his departure, but it is believed that he has been criticized by Putin’s advisers. They could hardly bear the defeats they suffered in the war.

According to an official statement, Bulgakov will take another position, but it is not clear what the position will be. Misensev, as Deputy Minister, will be responsible for the logistical operations of the Russian Army.

Residents will be forced to vote in mock referendums

In the meantime, mock referendums will continue in the Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine. Polling stations opened for the second day in a row in Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya.

The Ukrainian government and its Western allies view these referendums as a hoax and their results are already certain. They do not recognize the result.

In areas where it is possible to vote, many residents have fled and the fighting continues. The Russian invasion drove many Ukrainians out of those areas. There are only Ukrainians who agree with Russia and the Russians. They are ready to let their residential area become Russian territory.

Videos are circulating on social media showing armed men forcing people to vote. Kyiv claims that election commission employees with armed Russian soldiers visit people’s homes to collect votes. Voting continues through Tuesday.

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