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There is no real stone or slab

Film producer Alain de Levita (The Battle of ScheldtAnd the resistance banker) He says a lot of money goes into such a fantasy world. “Everything you see in the picture has to be done in advance,” he says. “There is no real stone or sign. Mountains and cities are often generated in the background with a computer, but the foreground is made up of real groups. Both are very expensive.” The Battle of Scheldt Something like that was limited to some scenes. Here you can see whole new worlds being created, on a scale you’ve rarely seen in a series, if ever. “

Producer Claes de Jong worked on several things, including: Michael de Reuter, a movie with many real locations, but also with ancient ships that came from the computer. “It contained about 1.5 million euros in CGI (digital animation, editor),” he says. “It was relatively simple by international standards, but very broad for the Netherlands. Such a process is very impressive. Everyone who works in CGI, you lose only 1,000 euros a day.”

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