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Come on, call the grandma who plays solitaire… If you want to take the definition broad, people who play board games or play cards outside are also gamers. Additionally, the industry itself has for years been distinguishing between mobile gamers and gamers on (mobile) PC/consoles. (The Switch and Steamdeck are real game consoles, and they were only designed for gaming. I wouldn’t call those gamers mobile.)

This is a (comprehensive) definition, not my opinion. Why should you include board and tag games?

Anyway, you totally missed my answer: I asked how iOnoWLI got 2 billion, that number is not in the article and I’ve never heard of Microsoft saying that.

If you want to reach 2 billion “players” you have to count the people who play on mobile (or tablet), that’s what I call mobile gamers.

The source of that billion is a mystery to me as well, but it’s also not part of your comment that I’m replying to. You yourself state that “just because of the screen size” is a category of its own, I simply do not share this opinion and give a nuance. Great when you want to have an in-depth discussion, but is completely useless for general metrics or news stories.

Let me put it this way: mobile games are games like karting is car racing, or cycling is cycling.

It is about vehicles. You can then categorize them nicely, for example, cars or racing cars, but they are still vehicles.

Similar concept/principle but completely different implementation/experience, partly due to hardware.

Due to the rapid development of mobile devices, and all the streaming options (services) nowadays, the line between mobile, mobile, PC and console is also the games Oddly blurry, and using one blanket definition only becomes more important. ;)

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