The possibility of seeing dozens of meteor stars next night | interior

The possibility of seeing dozens of meteor stars next night |  interior

If you want to see falling stars, you should look to the northeast, preferably from a dark place. Fewer meteors can be seen in cities due to light pollution.

Favorable conditions are partly due to the fact that the moon sets very early, around 11 pm. The night is dark, which means that the falling stars do not disappear in the moonlight. In addition, the point from which bright stars appear, the so-called radiation, is high in the sky.

At around midnight, you will likely see about thirty meteors per hour. to increase during the night. At about 4 am, an average of about fifty to sixty meteors per hour should shoot up into the sky.

Those who sleep in the starry rain or cannot see anything will get a second chance in the coming days. The Perseids could still be seen through Tuesday morning, but less so the following night.

The Perseids are so named because the towering stars appear to come from the constellation Perseus. In fact, they are dust particles and bits of comet Swift-Tuttle. When the Earth flies in its orbit around the sun through a cloud of comet debris, these particles burn up in the atmosphere, at an altitude of 100 kilometers. We see it as meteors. Perseids are famous for flashing across the sky at great speed, at more than 200,000 kilometers per hour.

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