the police were deployed in a dispute over conics mr. Frank Visser makes a statement

the police were deployed in a dispute over conics mr.  Frank Visser makes a statement

“I think he more or less lives in his own world,” Edzert tells his story to the camera the master. Frank Visser makes a statement. “If he’s thinking: I think this is allowed, it should also be allowed and it has nothing to do with anyone.” Edsert never discussed the incident with the neighbor, but did report the incident to the police – but nothing has yet been revealed.

The neighbor in question, Bert, is not aware of any damage. According to him, conifers were on his land and he had the right to cut conifers. “It was my trees, so I was responsible for those trees. It also meant that if something happened, I’m responsible. And that was also why I was like: They have to get out (…) They were old, worn out and they came through. My foundation,” Burt did his side of the story, who in turn was tired of his neighbor having just put up a fence and poured concrete.

In the meantime, it’s a good story, so it’s time for Mr. Visser and Victor to go to the Sappemeer to put an end to this eternal shame.

Desert wants the conifers back, the hut on his neighbor’s land to be demolished and the property boundaries respected. Bert, in turn, demands that his neighbor stop trampling his land, deal with the gutter and respect his land.

An investigation by the Land Registry Office showed that conifers are not at all on Bert’s land and for this reason he has to compensate Mr. Visser for the damage, €3,000. Burt’s fence must also be cut down and a new fence must be placed on the border completely. “I am glad that I can put the conifers back on (…) there is clarity now,” replies Edsert, who in turn has to remove the fence. His neighbor agrees: “I can live with it. Now there is an obvious solution.”

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