The player defeats the Elden Ring bosses using the Banana controller – PC – Geeks

Soulsborne games are notorious for their difficulty, but players regularly find an extra challenge in From Software titles in the craziest ways. For example, YouTube user SuperLouis64 decided to play Elden Ring with a banana console.

The SuperLouis64 setup consists of several bananas that together simulate a PS5 console. Each banana has its own function. For example, YouTubers have four movement bananas, an attack banana, a jumping banana, a healing banana, and a dodging banana.

The player displays his creation in the format Youtube videoHe decided that he wanted to defeat the last boss, Flying Dragon Agheel. In the video, it was once a plantain, but Louis finally managed to take down the dragon. Lewis reports on Twitter That he also manages to beat Godrick, one of the story bosses.

SuperLouis64 is no stranger to this field. earlier Has Dark Souls 3 finished yet? With a handful of bananas. Later he did the same with Ring Fit Adventure Controller† Player has also completed Halo 3 in “Legendary” with Guitar Hero controller And you played the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer mode With Donkey Kong bongos

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