The new restrictions on American travelers are another blow to Dutch tourism

The new restrictions on American travelers are another blow to Dutch tourism

The European Union (EU) on Monday imposed new travel restrictions on travelers from the United States, Israel and other countries. The Dutch government has announced that it will suspend most support activities for the corona virus until October 1, the same day as the travel industry in the Netherlands is disappointing and lost revenue is guaranteed.

Travel restrictions apply to the United States, Israel, Lebanon, Montenegro, northern Macedonia and Kosovo. EU member states are invited to introduce stricter rules such as strict isolation and arrival checks for travelers from these countries. Member states may ignore this call in principle, but according to the, no country opposes the restrictions during the referendum.

Dutch airline KLM will only respond if it officially clarifies what the Netherlands will do. In recent months KLM has carefully expanded its network to the United States. KLM spokesman De Telegraph said on Sunday that the new travel restrictions would be a big step forward for Dutch Airlines.

Spokeswoman Marnix Freudma de Telegraph said she was “dissatisfied” with the EU’s decision on the Dutch airline’s umbrella system. “Politics is not responding enough and the traveler is again a victim. Since each European country can set its own rules, it can create a new envelope. We often insist on European unity, and again the EU ignores it. In his view, the EU meets the US government and negotiates bilateral agreements. Should be conducted so that vaccinated travelers are welcomed everywhere.

Travel restrictions came into effect on the same day as the Dutch government announced Complete most corona virus support activities For companies from October 1st. In this new phase of the epidemic, the responsible ministers said the cabinet’s concern in continuing to support entrepreneurs and employers would hamper economic recovery.

More restrictions and fewer passengers will also affect Shiphol Airport. Shipol Group A Loss of 158 million euros In the first half of this year. Air traffic is recovering, but the recovery is moderate, including when the team presented its figures last week at Eindhoven and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. New travel restrictions will reduce that recovery.

Dick Penshop, CEO of Sifol Group, told RDL Z on Monday that the company was asking for more government support in the second half of 2021. In the first half of the year, Schiphol Group acquired NLG 40 million through various operations. “We’re not going to get in trouble, but that bridge just helps us a lot and continues to invest,” he told the broadcaster.

The umbrella system of travel companies was shocked by the decision to support ANVR. “Support will cease when the corona virus activity ends, but our travel industry has plans to travel outside Europe. Travel advice should be adjusted to travel outside Europe for at least a year and a half,” the organization told NOS. .

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