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The new PS5 review that came out last month also appears to have an AMD Oberon Plus soc. It is produced on TSMC’s own N6 process, where the current PS5 soc is made on the N7. The chip offers the same performance, but is smaller and more economical.

Refurbished 6nm socket It can be found according to Angstronomics In our PS5 CFI-1202 review. This console previously appeared in teardown videos, which shows that the review is lighter and Features a smaller motherboard and a modified cooling system. The new version also consumed less power than its predecessor. According to Angstronomics, the latter is due to AMD moving the PS5 chip to TSMC’s more economical N6 process, where the earlier chips were produced on the N7. Images from Angstronomics show this physically smaller Oberon Plus soc. The new SOC chip is estimated to have a surface area of ​​260 mm², whereas the current Oberon chip has an area of ​​300 mm².

The new chip will have no design changes and no changed configurations. For example, the Oberon Plus soc still has eight Zen 2 cores and an RDNA2 GPU with 36 compute units. The only difference is the modified node, which should ensure lower power consumption. Previous tests have shown that a review of the new console uses up to 10 percent less power than current PS5 versions, while still offering the same performance. Moreover, the number of chips per chip should also be higher due to switching.

When the N6 was introduced, TSMC reported that this node Up to 18 percent better performance than N7 at the same power consumption. However, the manufacturer did not provide figures for lower power consumption with the same performance. TSMC also noted that chip designs produced on the N7 can easily be ported to the N6.

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The new version of PS5 debuted in Australia at the end of August. It is not known how widespread this version of the console is now in other parts of the world. Sony does not officially communicate such changes.

AMD’s new Oberon Plus soc (left) alongside the current PS5 soc. Image via Angstronomics

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