The new Call of Duty Veterans studio has fired the majority of the staff

Deviation Games, a studio founded in 2020 by two Call of Duty veterans, has reportedly laid off 90 employees. The studio is currently working on a PlayStation game commissioned by Sony.

Video Games Chronicle Books Many insiders say that the number of layoffs reaches ninety. On social media, there are plenty of former employees who announced their firings on Friday. One He says that the studio had “recently fallen into a difficult situation” and therefore had to lay off several employees. It is not known how many employees the studio has, but in 2021 there were “over” a hundred.

Deviation Games was founded in 2020 by Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell. The former was a director, producer, and writer of several Call of Duty games. Blundell started as the producer of Call of Duty 3, the game that came out in 2006. It was later Game manager From Treyarch, the studio behind the Black Ops games. Blundell actually left the studio last September. The reason for his departure was not stated.

In 2021, it was announced that the studio is working on a new “flagship” AAA version for the PlayStation 5 on behalf of Sony. According to a former employee The game budget is more than 50 million dollars. Objective details about the game are unknown.

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