The Netherlands wants to provide baby food to the United States, but it is not easy

The Netherlands wants to provide baby food to the United States, but it is not easy

Dutch baby food manufacturers will not be able to make up for the shortage of baby food in the United States in the short term. This is due to strict US import restrictions on baby food.

Production problems have caused shortages in the United States. One Baby Food Factory Two children in the state of Michigan have died following a bacterial infection. Two more became seriously ill. Production was stopped and the shares were withdrawn.

Corona has exacerbated existing supply problems and shortages caused by parents hoarding baby food items.

Dutch companies like to offer

President Biden called on producers abroad to help. With that call, the Netherlands is emerging as the world’s largest exporter of baby formula.

In Personalized Report CBS VNFKD The bulk of the total production of baby and diet foods in the Netherlands, about 78 per cent, goes abroad.

NOS’s tour shows that baby food manufacturers are happy to heed the call of various US governments.

There are still some obstacles to overcome. For example, the Dutch Manufacturers Association of Children and Food Foods (VNFKD) states that so-called export certificates are mandatory for baby food exports.

“If they have not yet been exported to the United States, they must first be obtained,” explains Caroline Frankel of VNFKD. So baby food “can’t be shipped to the US overnight,” says Frankel.

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