The Netherlands is ready to supply Ukraine with fuel | the interior

The Netherlands is ready to supply Ukraine with fuel |  the interior

Ukraine desperately needs fossil fuels to fight against Vladimir Putin’s army. Kyiv submitted a list of requests in Brussels to supply diesel, gasoline and kerosene for aircraft and generators.

On behalf of the Netherlands, D66 Minister Geteten promised help during an off-topic meeting with EU energy ministers in Brussels. Deliveries from Poland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic have already been planned.

Ukraine is partially dependent on Russia for gas and electricity. Hungary and Slovakia are trying to ensure that the Ukrainians are not left behind in the cold by the reverse flow of gas from west to east.

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In order to be less dependent on the Russians, Kyiv asked to be connected to the European electricity network as soon as possible. “This is a technical challenge,” says European Commissioner Kadri Samsoom (Energy). But this is a tangible thing we can do for our partner. We will work with electricity operators to connect the Ukrainian electricity system as soon as possible.”

Brussels expects that the European Union itself will be able to get through the winter safely with natural gas. If Putin decides to turn off the gas tap, Europe can count on emergency supplies, and all member states have drawn up contingency plans to reduce gas consumption. According to Minister Getten, his colleagues did not ask to increase gas production in Groningen. This is not an issue at all now and I’m glad the question didn’t come up.

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