The Netherlands and the US no longer share chip technology with China

The Netherlands and the US no longer share chip technology with China

The US and the Netherlands are stepping up joint efforts to keep chip manufacturing out of China’s hands.

Reuters news agency News about new activities The Netherlands and the U.S. said China could import as little as possible to bake the chips.

Not with all Chinese

We previously shared articles on the key role of chips in the trade conflict between the US and the Chinese. Not only the Netherlands but also Japan has boarded the train.

Now those restrictions have been tightened little by little. The ban on special ASML was already anticipated and is now effectively in place. Hague bans Dutch company from selling manufacturing materials for chips to China This provision also applies to similar institutions in our northern neighbours. However, this rule will not come into effect until September.

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China is now blocking US chips from South Korea’s Micron between two fires

In the United States, such a ban has been in place for American companies since last fall. The reason is simple, Joe Biden and Gov do not want China, especially its military, to have the necessary technology.

Additionally, the U.S. is reportedly developing a rule that would allow it to ban exports of goods from other countries, at least if they contain U.S. components. This means that even more restrictions apply to China. Unlike the Netherlands, the US doesn’t want to wait that long, with new rules already taking effect in July.

America is not just manufacturing equipment. They also don’t want to see already-made AI chips exported to China.

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