The Miss World Organization did not ask about vaccines: ‘I didn’t know it would be a problem’ | Instagram

The Miss World Organization did not ask about vaccines: 'I didn't know it would be a problem' |  Instagram

The Miss World Organization in the Netherlands did not ask participants if they had been vaccinated against the Corona virus. “We didn’t know beforehand whether or not vaccination would be a problem,” says Katja Maes, CEO. Delay Willemstein returned her crown yesterday, as she refuses to stand a chance.

The international event is held in Puerto Rico and in order to travel there, vaccination is required. “We didn’t ask about the vaccination status because it’s part of the medical file, and we can’t and don’t want to ask about that,” Maes said. “We have always said to stick to the rules of the RIVM. We also did not know beforehand whether or not vaccination would be an issue.”

Willemstein announced her selection last night through an Instagram post. mace calls from that way “Not quite elegant.” “But we still love her, are proud of her and wish her all the best.”

The 21-year-old from Eindhoven had not realized at the Miss World pageant in the Netherlands that she had to be vaccinated. Her place is now taken by the runner-up: 21-year-old Lizzie Dube from Den Helder. She got her scarf this afternoon and described it as “absolutely cool and unexpected.”

Lizzie Dube during the Miss World press conference in the Netherlands about the new candidate. © ANP

“I couldn’t be happier when I got the call. It’s sad of course for Delay, but I’m honored to be traveling to Puerto Rico. People have to make their own decisions and we have to accept that from each other,” Dobb says of the Willemstein selection.

So Dobbe will be vaccinated, but he refuses to make any statements about it. It says it represents both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. “There should be no difference.”

The competition will take place on December 16th.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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