The Minister of State visits the overburdened application center Ter Appel

The Minister of State visits the overburdened application center Ter Appel

Secretary of State Eric van der Burgh (VVD) visited the overcrowded registration center in Ter Apel last night. Yesterday he also visited the furnished dormitory in Zuidbroek, Groningen.

The COA took about a hundred asylum seekers there last night, and there is no longer room for them at Ter Apel. He said the foreign minister was happy to see these people have a roof over their heads RTV North† “Because I don’t want people sleeping on the street.”

Ter Apel application center bursting at the seams. The intention is for asylum seekers to move quickly, but due to the lack of reception places elsewhere, this is happening very slowly. Politicians and aid organizations have called for a solutionbut almost nothing changes.

According to van der Burg, the crisis in Ter Apel is caused by different things. “A lot of people come to the Netherlands except for Ukraine, the residence holders cannot move home and there are very few places for asylum seekers.”

Therefore, he again calls on the municipalities to make room for shelter: “Slowly but surely places are being added, but it is going very slowly. There must be more municipalities willing to provide shelter. And every day the mayors report their desire to help, but they there.” “They are still quite a bit.”

The emergency shelter in Zuidbruck was in principle one night.

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