The midterms went well for Biden on Tuesday, but the polls did not

The midterms went well for Biden on Tuesday, but the polls did not

After days of gloom in the White House polls, President Joe Biden received resounding news from across the Potomac on Tuesday. In the elections that took place in Virginia, the state located just south of Washington, his Democratic Party won a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The conservative state of Kentucky re-elected a Democratic governor. Ohioans voted in a referendum to perpetuate the right to abortion.

Nearly a year and a half after a reactionary Supreme Court struck down federal protections, abortion remains the issue Democrats are winning election after election. Not just in clearly “blue” states. That would give Biden, who faces an unclear re-election this week within a year, a glimmer of hope.

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Abortion rights advocates in Ohio are celebrating their referendum victory on Tuesday.

According to new polls from both New York times like CNN Will it be the unpopular Biden? rematch Loses to Donald Trump. In 2020, Biden easily won the first round. But his estimate numbers are now just as dramatic as those of his predecessor: 38.5 percent of Americans It is believed that Biden is doing a good job in his presidency, a percentage that has continued to decline since the start of the war on Gaza. Trump scored At an all-time low, 37 percent.

Voters shudder at the prospect of having to choose between these two candidates again, but there is no alternative. Biden has no serious Democratic challenger. Trump enjoys a significant lead among Republican candidates.

Trump, 77, is suspected of committing 91 criminal offenses, mainly related to his attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Biden, 80, is accused of allowing the economy to overheat and failing to control immigration. In addition, voters doubt, more than his opponent, whether he is physically fit and intelligent enough to rule for another four years. Biden is blamed for public malaise that things are going in the wrong direction in the United States.

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Among his seemingly incomparable shortcomings, Biden currently has greater electoral weight. In five of the six states likely to decide the outcome of the presidential election, Trump is viewed as the lesser evil, according to the Times poll.

Biden is losing support mainly among the groups that supported his gains in 2020: young people and racial minorities. These voters won’t vote for Trump en masse, but if they stay home next year, they could also help the Republican make gains.

Trump’s trial in four different criminal cases does not appear to be hurting his chances. In fact, his constant campaign against judges and prosecutors earns him a lot of political attention and donations. The result in Virginia – elections necessary after redrawing electoral districts – was good news for him as well. The popular Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, failed to help his party win, despite his well-stocked campaign coffers and more than a hundred election appearances. This reduces the odds that he will, as has been said, make another bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

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Gov. Glenn Youngkin at a campaign rally Sunday in suburban Richmond.

Biden dismissed his bad polling in a social media post on Tuesday, saying: “Voters vote, polls don’t.” But tensions are rising among Democrats, and not just in their private lives. David Axelrod, an advisor and former campaign manager for Barack Obama, said in a tweet that Biden “He must decide whether this is in his interest or in the interest of the country“To run for office again.

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For now, Biden’s calculation will be that the campaign should focus primarily on abortion. Additionally, Biden believes that, just as in 2020, he can mobilize dissatisfied Democrats and independent voters who would vote for him again if necessary. “Don’t compare me to the Almighty. ‘Compare me to the alternative’ is a phrase Biden uses frequently, borrowed from his father. A year is a long time, with the unpredictability of world events, the economy and the lawsuits against Trump. But to be sure, Biden is a very unpopular leader For a party that is currently very popular, the clock is ticking mercilessly: the president will turn 81 later this month.

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