The market share of EVs is growing strongly in the US –

The market share of EVs is growing strongly in the US –

The market share of fully electric cars in the US increased to 5.6 percent. Tesla is still the largest in this segment, with Ford in second place.

The market share of all-electric cars in the United States is still 3.1 percent in 2021, Automotive News reports. By 2022, it will be 5.6 percent, a combination of increasing EV sales and falling car sales in general. According to figures from Experian, 756,534 electric cars will be sold in the US in 2022, up 57 percent from a year ago. Of those 756,534 cars, 484,351 were from Tesla, giving it a 64 percent share of the brand’s total EV sales. Ford is in second place, thanks in part to the F-150 Lightning, but only has to settle for 7.5 percent of EVs. The Tesla Model Y will be the most popular EV in the US in 2022, just like in Europe.

Now we’re talking about Europe: EVs now have a 12 percent market share here. Although the Americans are still a bit behind in that area, they are working hard on it. Under the Inflation Reduction Act, new subsidies have been introduced to make EV purchases more attractive to Americans. Low electricity prices have already done that, because at an average of 16 cents per kWh (, running electric is cheap, even with US fuel prices.

Sales decline

Pickups from Ford, GM and Ram are invincible, especially with fuel engines for now.

Looking at all car sales, 11 percent fewer new cars were sold in the U.S. in 2022 than in 2021. has recorded a significant decline in almost everything in the sales rankings, with the model already mentioned. Y (rank 8, plus 39.8 percent) is the only exception. Still, there’s a lot to do to get that Tesla into the top 3. It’s still topped by the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, and pickup series from Ram, with a margin of 100,000 vehicles that aren’t the first pickup. That’s the Toyota RAV4.

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