May 28, 2023

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The man in the scammers addressed to him does not know that he has been deceived for 9 years: "It's all nonsense"

The man in the scammers addressed to him does not know that he has been deceived for 9 years: “It’s all nonsense”

Nine years ago, a man, who was not named, received a letter saying that he had been given an inheritance of €2.5 million. The victim is overjoyed, but does not realize it is a scam.

He contacts an alleged notary, Samuel Akpan, who keeps asking him for money. Initially, the man must pay money to exempt the inheritance. After that, costs add up quickly.

It gets so out of control that the victim is deeply in debt. He eventually went into business with the scammers for €500,000. His manager Caroline Verhagen comes to an end, because no one can convince the guy that this is a scam. “I can’t just let this go because my client still thinks he has €2.5m waiting for him.”

Kees van der Spiek travels to Senegal with Caroline to collect evidence. While searching for the fraudster, they soon discover that it is not about one person, but a criminal network. When they got to the site, the scammers just left.

In the middle of the night, Kees, aided by a former Senegalese army colonel and a muscular confidant of his, raided the second suspected outpost. Case gathers enough evidence to convince Caroline’s client that he has been conned for years.

Once back in the Netherlands, Case started a conversation with the man and explained the situation and his findings. At first, the man does not want to believe that he is not a millionaire. “It’s all bullshit. You’ve been fooled for nine years. If I hadn’t understood it, you would have been going on for years. It just has to stop,” Case explains.

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After nine years, the victim is finally convinced that the legacy he has been waiting for all these years does not exist. “Can you forgive me for sorting all this out for you and nearly sacking for this?” Caroline asks her client.

With a pat on the leg, she let the victim know she didn’t blame her. Despite the anger the man feels at the moment, a kind of peace comes to him: “You may now put the emotion you have always had to rest for a while.”

The victim ends the conversation on a positive note. “I really want to be hugged, is that allowed?” , and then they close the difficult conversation with a hug.

Case van der Spiek: Addressing fraudsters The episode can be watched every Tuesday at 8:30 PM on RTL 5. You can watch the episode at Videoland.