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Microsoft has released the latest feature update for Windows 11, which includes Bing Chat integration in the taskbar. There’s also a Phone Link port for iOS, a tablet-optimized taskbar, and more.

Bing Chat will be integrated into the Windows 11 taskbar search tool, says Microsoft CEO Panos Panay. From there, users can ask questions to the AI ​​and should get an experience similar to using Bing Chat in a browser. Users must do so early access to Bing Chat, which presumably turns most users off at the moment. Microsoft provides examples of what Bing Chat can do scenarios Such as picking recipes, planning trips, writing poems, and choosing a pet.

For Windows 11 on touch devices, there is now a taskbar designed for touch-sensitive screens. This is automatically reduced to a smaller bar when not in use and can be called up by swiping up. The mode should launch automatically when the laptop keyboard is separated from the screen, for example.

the phone linkThe app from Microsoft has been around for quite some time. Users can install it on their Android phones and then their notifications will be displayed in Windows. In addition, phone calls can be made using the computer’s audio hardware and files can be exchanged, for example. For those who want to do it with an iPhone, Microsoft is now offering this as an Insider preview.

The American company has also made adjustments in the field of gadgets. There are now third-party tools like Facebook Messenger and Spotify. In addition, the Tools screen is no longer limited to a maximum of one window on the screen, but can be enlarged somewhat. The screen is not yet fully filled; Left and right there is an empty space.

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Windows’ Snipping Tool was already able to put a screenshot in various shapes on the clipboard, but now it’s also capable of recording video. Unlike screenshots, videos are placed in a folder after recording rather than in working memory. In addition, it is possible to record only part of the screen.

to me power users There are also some extras. For example, after Explorer, Notepad now has tabs and users can search in the Task Manager. This can be done in sections such as processes, services, users, application history, and startup. On top of that, the Quick Assist app, sort of remote desktop Especially for remote tech support, now the laser pointer function, when the person in need would prefer not to control the input, but the remote person wants to point something on the screen.

These operating system changes were previously available to Windows Insiders, beta branch to which users can register. However, this Tuesday marks the first time this feature update, internally referred to as “Moment 2,” has been available as a non-beta build. It has the build number 22H2 build 22621.1344.

Microsoft “expects” that all users will automatically receive this update on March 14th, along with monthly security updates. Those who don’t want to wait for it may already be able to find the update in Windows Update, where it’s marked as an optional feature update. This may also have to wait a while for the phased release here.

Microsoft seems to have moved away from annual major releases of Windows 11 features. Instead, it’s releasing so-called in-the-moment updates with doses of just a few features at the same time, without a very narrowly defined schedule. Moment 1 It came out in November last year. A more complete overview of the changes in this update can be found at Microsoft blog postalthough not everything is mentioned there.

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