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So this is, if you put everything next to books, everything fades away. Including Mi also the beautiful trilogy of Peter Jackson. The pace there was just perfect for me. Unfortunately, this was out of The Hobbit and was filled with all kinds of action scenes.

I think the only thing you can do to satisfy the fans is to reboot the trilogy that closely follows the story, starting with Tom Bombadil.

But if you see the series as an interpretation of events based on appendices. And no, it’s not all captured 1 on 1. Just try to make a story that combines various events from appendices (often also footnotes) and makes some sense.

I must say I really liked the series. Certainly into the atmosphere of Lord of the Rings and especially the beautiful language. Yes, The Hobbit’s Ancestors gets a lot of time, but otherwise an exciting story set up at a good pace in my opinion. I’m also looking forward to the second season.

I have a feeling the expectation was too much for a story that only Tolkien himself could write, but unfortunately it’s impossible.

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