The Lord of the Rings: Gollum developer apologizes for the state of the game

There is something more fundamentally wrong with this game, and not just technically.

Regarding the graphics, they are not pretty, although they will fix many sterile bugs. The facial expressions are weird especially of the gollum, and the animation is weird. The animation is not finished or missing. Of course all of that can be corrected, but that still seems like an overwhelming amount of work to me.

In terms of gameplay it makes no sense either, instead of a game where you think you have to avoid orcs with a hidden gollum (this is there, but it’s too bad and the AI ​​is terribly clumsy, climbing and scrambling was better in the first tomb raider) it works Especially about doing lame chores.
In terms of the story, they put in such a strange gollum, so it’s not at all what I’m used to from Hobbit and LotR.

So no, this game sucks from head to toe. And we’re not just talking about some bugs (even hacks for the game).

So it is illegal, if you want to play it because you love the LotR world, don’t worry. It’s not like they tried to recreate Barad Dur as best they could, it’s just a lame platformer, so the level design after that too. The main characters in the story are also non-canon. You could replace all the names and characters with something other than LotR, and it wouldn’t even be a rip off, and it had nothing to do with LotR, in fact, the game would be better if the main character didn’t have to act as Gollum.

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