The leader’s gears are useless, but they can’t politely dispose of them.”

The leader’s gears are useless, but they can’t politely dispose of them.”

Truss defended her decision to fire Finance Minister Quarting during a news conference on Friday, as long as she herself remains prime minister.Reuters photo

Good evening Patrick. There is political chaos in the UK. what happened?

Five weeks earlier, Truss took office and came up with a radical plan to boost economic growth through huge and uncertain tax cuts, which would benefit wealthy Britons especially. This is politically sensitive at a time when everyone has to deal with the high cost of living. This was accompanied by the idea of ​​not increasing the corporate tax, even if it was planned.

“It caused a great deal of uneasiness, and Truss admitted she went too quickly. Those tax plans were relaxed and her Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng fired. But Kwarteng and Truss were friends and allies, and they were both staunch supporters of those extreme political proposals. It’s strange that she fired him because he was carrying out.” Her policy As the ultimate responsible person, she should actually step aside.

And how did her conservative party react?

The policy she will implement now is not the policy with which she was elected party leader five weeks ago. In fact, it is the policy suggested by rival Rishi Sunak: to be frugal. This is completely inconsistent. New Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt is an ally of Sunak. Basically useless gears. The Conservative Party is ahead in the polls and Sunak’s allies will revolt in the coming days. Yesterday I held a press conference. She looked like a rabbit in the headlights.

It doesn’t look like this will improve. Why don’t we move the Conservative Party aside immediately?

“Conservatives just elected Truss through an internal election. If they now appoint a new leader, they will make a fool of themselves. The party has a lot of problems, they have a useless leader but they can’t politely dispose of. Domestically, but also in the rest of the world, he laughs.” Everyone is wrong about this.

Why doesn’t Truss take credit for herself and quit?

“That’s not how Truss is put together. She looks like a real Balshi. She’s always wanted this job, and now she’s stepping down and being put on the books as the shortest serving prime minister, she won’t. But the Conservatives also know that Truss is a dead end. They won’t let it stumbled for another two years until the next election. Before Christmas I believe Sunak or Defense Secretary Ben Wallace will take office. Until then, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is the real ruler in the UK, now that Truss’ position is very weak. He also hopes to To become prime minister, so stay tuned for him.

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