The leader of the resistance Massoud against the Taliban: My men are ready for battle

The leader of the resistance Massoud against the Taliban: My men are ready for battle

Saleh declared himself acting president after President Ghani fled the country a week ago. According to Saleh, Taliban fighters are now gathered at the entrance to the Panjshir Valley. he is writes on twitter That this group was ambushed yesterday and incurred heavy losses.

Although it is difficult to capture the valley, experts say, it is questionable how long resistance groups can survive without international help. Massoud early last week in opinion article In the Washington Post in the United States for assistance and weapons.

6000 fighters

Massoud’s army is made up of local militias and remnants of the Afghan government’s army. He says he has about 6,000 armed supporters. “They want to defend themselves, they want to fight and resist a totalitarian regime,” the resistance leader said. Only diplomacy leads to a solution, which is his message to the Taliban.

Massoud calls for the formation of a government that includes all ethnic groups in the country. The Taliban have pledged to form a “strong and inclusive Islamic government.” He also promised that there would be no revenge, but according to these human rights organizations, empty promises. There are many notifications of murder and torture.

According to Massoud, the takeover of three districts by the Taliban was a direct response to such human rights abuses. By the way, the leader of the resistance said that he did not coordinate this attack.

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