“The later version of the Apple Vision Pro is very similar to its predecessor, but has different speakers” – Gaming – News

The second version of the Apple Vision Pro headphone is very similar in design to the first version, but includes different speakers and a different headband. MacRumors writes this based on anonymous sources. The headset is supposed to be released in late 2025 or early 2026.

MacRumors writes That the curved design has been retained and that the buttons are also in the same positions as the first Apple Vision Pro. The website claims that speakers will be given a different location. Currently, the tweeters are located on either side of the headband and appear oval, but in the future, the tweeters will be designed to look like “flat, uniform feathers along their entire length.” MacRumors also reports that the documentation mentions an “audio addon,” though it doesn’t say exactly what type of addon it is. The site writes that he may be an external speaker.

Additionally, the headband of the headphone is somewhat “simpler” in design, according to MacRumors’ sources. The site compares it to the flat shoulder straps of many backpacks. The site says these products are easier to produce and may allow Apple to lower the price somewhat. Furthermore, the tech giant is also said to be experimenting with upper air vents, with clusters of small holes that will likely replace the tall ones on the first model.

MacRumors doesn’t mention any other changes. Like the first iteration, this device is said to have an external battery, and the displays, most cameras and sensors are also said to be the same. Apple’s news site writes that the headset, which will be codenamed Project Alaska, is scheduled to enter the product validation testing phase in 2025, and will likely be released in late that year or early 2026.

The first Apple Vision Pro was announced last June, and is expected to launch in the US in early 2024, and in other parts of the world later in the year. Bloomberg previously wrote that Apple is already working on a more powerful and cheaper version of the headphones. It’s not entirely clear which of the two MacRumors is described in his article, but since the cheaper version is rumored to be missing a number of cameras and sensors, this doesn’t appear to be the alternative.

The first Apple Vision Pro

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