February 9, 2023

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The Last of Us: Part One Money grab |  vertical

The Last of Us: Part One Money grab | vertical

Eighty Euro Mod Graphic

written by Gary Clapwick in

The Last Of Us is one of the best games ever made for me. Joel and Ellie’s journey will always be dear to me and she initially praised her remake. Until I found out what exactly has changed in the game.

The new release was met with great fanfare announce During the Summer Games festival kicking off earlier this summer. The show was a success. Unfortunately, the ad, including the trailer, images, and price, had already come out an hour before the show. So there was no further surprise. However, I was very excited, because this will be an opportunity for Naughty Dog to make my favorite game even better. When the story doesn’t need any tweaks, there are really upsides in terms of gameplay.

soon leaked Play Unfortunately, at first glance, the game looks exactly the same in terms of game mechanics as in the original version from 2013. According to Naughty Dog, the leaked images were an old version of the game. I wanted to believe it too, but it really seemed so polished that I didn’t expect much of a change. Unfortunately I was right, because it is also from Comprehensive deep dive video from Naughty Dog By itself, the gameplay looked almost identical.

This is a missed opportunity, because there are quite a few things to think about that would make The Last Of Us a better experience and give a greater right to exist. For example, the endless pull of ladders, planks, rafts, and containers quickly becomes boring. Some of these parts can easily be replaced with more complex environmental puzzles.

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Battles with already infected enemies are very interesting, but there is still something to add. For example, you now have to treat Clicker differently than Runner. Persians see nothing and hear a lot, while runners see everything but hear less. This really does provide some depth, but it doesn’t go deep. A number of new enemies to deal with differently would not be a luxury and would greatly improve the experience.

And where are the lessons to be learned from The Last Of Us: Part 2? I secretly expected some game mechanics to be hacked to remake the first game, but that turned out not to be the case. The more spacious level design with more freedom was a welcome addition to the sequel and won’t look out of place in Part 1. Roaming dogs also mean players have to use new tactics. Unfortunately, this new version seems to stay very faithful to the original levels and the levels seem to be built exactly as they are.

the last of us

Graphically, the new version logically looks a lot better and the DualSense controller also adds a few tricks, so that the experience definitely gains in immersion. But in my opinion, this is not enough to justify the price of eighty euros. The experience did not progress in the most important area, the gameplay. The excuse for that is that the levels have to be completely rebuilt to make these kinds of changes. Good excuse, but why would you remake a game at all if you had no intention of drastically changing the experience? In principle, this new version is an expensive graphics modification that has no other right to exist.

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Especially when you consider that The Last Of Us Remastered can be had for Tenner. Then you must be crazy to deal the full blow of “remaster of remaster”. On PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro, the enhanced version runs at an excellent resolution of 1800 pixels at a rate of sixty frames per second. You can clearly see that it’s not currently a public game, but that doesn’t detract from the experience. The scenes still look great, the environments are atmospheric, and the reflections look beautiful. Before writing this column, I responded in the first few hours and found no reason to pick a new version on this game. The core of The Last Of Us is the story and is excellently told in the remastered version.

Our Last: Part 1

The AI ​​may not be very smart, but that doesn’t affect the overall experience that much. In any case, it is not enough to pay eighty euros for a newer version. Ellie sometimes runs frantically against the wall and with almost some regularity walks through enemies during stealth segments. This seems a bit unrealistic, but in the end it has little effect on the gameplay. After all, you just have to make sure you stay out of the eyes of the enemies. It would only really be a problem if Ellie or one of her other buddies were spotted, but that’s not the case.

So the only important steps are taken in the area of ​​graphics and accessibility options. I welcome the latter, because the more barriers that are removed, the better. that goes without saying. Only this can be a free update of Remaster. You could tell that Naughty Dog is just lying in that area: They were promised a new experience, but we didn’t get it. Anyway, this gives me the crawl when pre-orders open without actually showing a game, which surprises me more than so many people blindly switching eighty euros to Sony.

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the last of us

The big advantage of this new version is that a whole new target group can learn about this great story. The game is also coming to PC. No release date yet, but Naughty Dog Tell That the PC version would be released soon after the PlayStation 5 was released. Once again, the switcher was enough.

There is a chance that this new version will be on my PlayStation, but only after a big discount or when it comes out on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium. I’m also not mad at Sony or people who are excited about graphical improvements. I’m just making up my mind and finding the new version to be grossly weak and not worth the full blow. The price tag of forty euros would have been more manageable.

I invite anyone who wants to try The Last Of Us to play a remaster. It’s dirt cheap and still performs excellently. The emotional roller coaster is still as impressive as it was in 2013 and some of the new graphic bells and whistles aren’t really necessary. In this way, we are giving a signal to Sony that they are better investing money in a replica of Jak and Daxter, Siphon Filter or Sly Cooper: games that are much more outdated.