The Last of Us is very expensive, but you can’t read that in the review | vertical

The Last of Us is very expensive, but you can't read that in the review |  vertical

It’s your money

written by Eric Noselder on

Should the price of the game be included in the review and the corresponding score? This tough discussion broke out in full force this week, also internally at the editors of

The short answer is: No, we don’t think so. After all, we cannot consider the wallets of our visitors. What is a lot of money for one person is a small amount for another. You may have to save weeks buying an $80 game while someone else smiles and pays for it, as long as the game is good enough.

Gaming is an art, we are all game enthusiasts we are happy to say, so we have to judge it as an art too. A painting doesn’t suddenly get more beautiful when a group of art collectors decide to put more money on it. The game also does not get better or worse when the price changes.

That would be strange and impractical. Imagine if the game price was calculated in the figure. So the game would be better if it was cheaper. When a game is put up for sale, it suddenly earns a higher score. Is this not justified? And should we always give free games a good score? “It’s not the best game, but hey, it’s free”?

The Last of Us Part 1

The price debate erupted again with the release of The Last of Us Part 1, a remake that leaves the ten-year-old game completely intact, but puts much nicer graphics, better AI, and other things on it. I’d call that a reconfiguration program myself, but that’s another discussion. In any case, the game is available in stores for 80 euros with less technical content, because multiplayer has been dispensed with.

This price displeases many people. You often hear “it would have been nicer if it was 40 or 50 euros”. Or: “I’ll wait for the sale.” And also: “Why does this game get such high marks, if it is the same game with lower content and higher price?”

The answer to this question is actually simple: all you have to do is Our review for Lars to read. It explains exactly what makes the game so good, how different the graphics are with previous versions and what effect this has on the gaming experience.

The Last of Us Part 1

It also clearly states who is deserving of this new release, and who is not. “So if we evaluate this new version from an old-fashioned perspective that lives in the hand, the added value compared to the original or reworked from 2014 is nil.” And: “If we look at the remake from the perspective of the younger, more open generation, this is their chance to enjoy this unpaid modern classic.”

The fact that the game adds a little to experienced players who have already tried it does not make the game worse and therefore does not reduce the number.

Wait a minute, why is the number lower than it was ten years ago, when The Last of Us scored 9.5? You cannot review games in a vacuum. Time has passed. The Last of Us is still a great game, but reviewer Lars saw areas where this version could have been better, such as tackling ancient puzzles and environments or adopting gameplay elements from TLOU 2. Had that happened, the number would undoubtedly have been higher.

Our job as reviewer is to write down what the game is as best as possible, what are its strengths, and where the developer has failed. We describe the game systems, so that you as a reader can estimate if you will like the game. We’ll tell you what we thought of it ourselves and how it made us feel.

After that, it is up to you to decide whether you want to buy the game or not. Judging the price is not our job, it’s your job. You are responsible for your wallet.

The Last of Us Part 1

That being said, you have the right to think that this game is quite expensive. You can certainly express your dissatisfaction with this, as long as you do not scold or act angrily. Rage from a video game is usually not recommended.

Then such a high price is annoying, because you probably want to play the game, but you cannot justify the expense yourself. This is where anger and/or frustration come in. Something you wanted to play came out, but now you can’t. But hey, this is life. I also think a Ferrari is a nice car, but I would never drive it because I think it’s too expensive.

Personally, I belong to the people who think The Last of Us Part 1 is too expensive. Although it is one of my all-time favorites and I think the new version looks nice, 80€ is too expensive for me to try the same game again. Well, you asked for it. This is how hypocritical I am. The game gets good grades.

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