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NASA has released a new image of the Pillars of Creation. This is a region of column-shaped gas clouds 6,500 light-years from Earth where new stars are forming. The image shows some bright red areas where new stars appear to be forming.

In these bright red areas there According to NASA It accumulated so much mass that its gravity increased and collapsed. This is said to have caused temperatures to rise in these regions, which eventually led to the formation of new stars.

Some of the plumes also have wavy lines that resemble lava, according to NASA. According to the space agency, these stars are still forming and emit gas and dust at a very high speed during their formation process. This gas and dust come into contact with the plume material, creating an undulating pattern in the gas clouds.

According to NASA, other galaxies can usually be seen in images from the James Webb Telescope. But that is not the case with this image, because a mixture of transparent gas and dust, known as Excellent mediumthat would prevent this.

1995 The Hubble telescope first recorded the plumes of creation on the sensitive plate. in 2014 The gas clouds were re-imagined as a column. NASA used the near-infrared camera of the James Webb Telescope to capture this latest image of the gas cloud. The Pillars of Creation, or Eagle Nebula Messier 16, is a region of space with gaseous clouds 6,500 light-years from Earth in which new stars are forming.

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