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Nice and funny enough gadget (although over tested as it can’t be maintained) totally amazed at how smooth everything is – better even than the task parameters. A large piece of origami being tossed by a heavy, controlled explosion about a million and a half kilometers from Earth on a “jag” as the Sun and Earth pull it with equal force, with the piece of mechanics up to ~250° difference already between the two halves, completely remote controlled .

Where/how it goes with Webb:…eIsWebb.html? Units = metric

Also note that Webb doesn’t have “engineer” cameras, with which to look at a part on the chassis if something goes wrong… that becomes very difficult (either a lot of narrow view cameras that can see detail, or very few wide field cameras that It doesn’t actually tell you anything useful in terms of information, and then there’s also the challenge that the cameras have to work in a cooling way, and they shouldn’t affect the “cold side”: for infrared astronomy, every possible radiation from the device itself is very much very). The engineers had to do all this with purely diagnostic information from the engines, valves, and other things that the origami package unfolded. For those of you who have a series of motors, moving around on a 3D printer and trying to read details via these motors (beyond firmware, pure drivers + motors), you know this is a challenge. Add to that the amount, and the fact that “just looking” isn’t possible, and all they have is the reference for experiments on Earth…and yet it works. Although this was to be expected.

Kudos, a huge collection of tutorials for the sequences.

And as for the trusty “why are they firing $10 billion” messages – no, Web itself approximates the price of a kilogram for a very thin layer of gold, aluminum, and electronics based on “proven technology”. The costs are research and development that is also applied elsewhere, people, and expertise. Webb is a groundbreaking tool for all of humanity, especially when you consider that it’s only tied to the naked eye in your television set. However, knowing that it’s not the focus – I’m looking forward to having my first photoshoots in 4-5 months. Go to the web!

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