The HelloFresh market was introduced in the United States

‘Americans accept online grocery services more than ever’

New York – Halofresh is expanding its reach in the United States with the launch of new products. From market products, ready-to-eat and desserts to fresh ingredients and spices available in the Netherlands earlier this year.

You can add different products to your weekly diet. The first part where the mark (international market) was launched was Halofresh Netherlands. From the beginning of this year, customers can order additional products in addition to the box. They can choose from a wide variety of products from suppliers and deliver them with their lunch box.

Development strategy
The products of the market will be offered to US customers in the coming months. This expansion is part of the German company’s strategy to become a fully integrated food solution. With the expansion, the company aims to become the only option for food and snacks. Halofresh Market offers more convenience to its customers by offering all food items in one place. “This allows Halofresh to better serve its customer base and increase transaction value,” the company said.

“We are pleased to offer our customers a comprehensive selection of delicious food solutions and groceries that cater to their needs with the launch of the Halofresh Market, especially at a time when Americans are embracing online grocery services more than ever before,” Uwe Voss said. CEO of Halofresh US. “Through our sophisticated supply chain and technological infrastructure, we provide the best full service delivery of all food options and capture the bulk of our customers’ total food budget.”
Powell Weirdzema, CEO of Halofresh Benelax, adds: “We have already delivered additional products such as fruit, baking and wine boxes. It’s good to see that there are, and added products already contributing to local success.
In the Netherlands, the additional limit will be expanded to three hundred products by the end of August.

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Source: Food Newspaper

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