The Hague calls for thousands more places for refugees in Overijssel and Gelderland | My voice

The Hague calls for thousands more places for refugees in Overijssel and Gelderland |  My voice

This year, the eastern Netherlands is to create more than five thousand new reception places for asylum seekers on top of the existing ones. For Gelderland and Overijssel, this is 60 percent more than where it is now.

This is evident from a letter sent by Foreign Minister Erik van der Burgh of Justice and Security to the provinces and municipalities. Van der Burgh calculated that there will be 75,500 reception places for refugees next year. Each county must contribute in proportion to the number of residents.

She squeaks and squeaks when greeting asylum seekers. flow increased. There are more than 55,000 reception spaces across the country, some of which will disappear next year because they are emergency and crisis shelters. These places remain separate from the demand that The Hague requires security regions and municipalities to take in 75,000 refugees from Ukraine, and emergency shelter and accommodation for those with residence.

the biggest challenge

Gelderland has the biggest challenge in this region. This county must create 3,016 new admission slots before January 1, 2022 compared to October 1, 2022. This county had 4,438 admission slots on October 1 last year. Overijssel now has 2,340 places and you should find another 1,661.

Relatively sparsely populated Flevoland targets 398 places on top of the more than 3,000 locations this province already has. The most populous provinces of South Holland (plus 16,754) and North Holland (plus 8,746) have the largest tasks.

PAL is located with the municipalities

The job is great, Overisel says. The ball is mainly in the municipality’s court. “They work hard to find suitable accommodations and to find support among the residents,” says spokesperson Pam Roelofs. “It is up to the municipalities and security districts to give substance to that with the Agriculture Committee.”

Gelderland Commissioner John Bernds calls finding more than 3,000 new places a “major task”. However, there is no resistance. “I will do my best to complete this task.”

Flevoland does not expect any problems for the time being. “With the planned expansions in Zeewolde, Almere and Dronten, we will have a total of 4,300 reception spaces,” says company spokesman Patrick Hofstra. “Way above the target.”

How the reception places will be distributed within the governorates, can be determined in mutual consultation with the municipalities.

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