The Great War: Western Front Preview

The Great War: Western Front Preview

Title The Great War: The Western Front
a program Steam, the Epic Store
Developer Petroglyph Games
publisher Frontier Foundry
release day 2023

In 2022, wars operate differently than they did nearly a hundred years ago, but even then there has already been a change. Waging war was once a semi-ceremonial affair. Wearing colorful suits proudly, the men rode on horseback to the battle site to defeat the enemy army. In that battle the winner was determined. This may be a bit exaggerated, but the point is that the war usually stayed away from the rest of the population. World War I changed that. On the Western Front, fighting broke out across the breadth of the front line, which stretched from the North Sea coast of Belgium to the Franco-Swiss border. Entire villages were wiped off the face of the earth.

In addition, the First World War brought with it more deadly weapons. Where hand-to-hand combat was once common, this warfare became the domain of machine guns, mortars, flamethrowers, and poisonous gases. It produced incredibly bloody battles, such as the Battle of Verdun, which claimed so many casualties that soldiers called it a “meat grinder.” Elsewhere, on the Somme, the Allies lost 630 thousand men in four months, while the German army lost 450 thousand. This battle, which lasted four months, gave the Allies a total gain of ten miles in ground.

It’s in particular that recent piece of information that developer studio Petroglyph Games has put at the heart of the strategy game The Great War: Western Front. The game allows players to act as the leader of the Allies or the “Central Powers” to see if they can win the First World War. The game takes place entirely around the front line that runs through Belgium and France. This front line may change as you play, but it won’t be easy. The filmmakers assert that World War I was a war in which every meter was fought. This effect should be evident in The Great War: Western Front.

Thus, the player is given command of one of the sides in the game. The war, of course, began in 1914 and from there the mission was simple enough: defeat the enemy’s armies and win the war. In addition, there is also the possibility of making the war last longer than it did in 1918. The game covers a period from 1914 to 1919. Depending on how you lead your armies and fight the war, there is a possibility that 1918 will not be completed. Come to an armistice and the surrender of the Central Powers However, the fighting lasted for a while.

War can be won in many ways. For example, it is an option to seize one regional capital from another. If the Central Powers manage to take Paris, the battle ends. This is very difficult, but fortunately there is another solution. During the campaign, you will see a bar with a certain score for each party. This result indicates the “national will,” or the willingness of that party and its people to continue the war. By winning tricks and territory you gain the national will, and by losing it you lose. If the national will reached zero, this side would no longer be able to fight and lose the war.

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